Trending topic (Official video)

We’re here #TRENDING TOPIC, Our new video. Third video from our Überhaupt album. If you don’t have it, Go get it! Support it! It helps us to release the new one. Yup new album coming up! If you don’t know now you know. Go get the vinyl at Limiteditemlovers.

OUT NOW: Überhaupt Remixed

Here it is! Our debut album Überhaupt Remixed. We found ourselves a way to stay relevant inbetween albums. (Yup we’re working on our second album) The last 24 weeks we dropped these remixes. Every 14 days a new stream! through social media. Now you can download the full album for FREE. We’re pretty sure you’ll […]

Can’t get you out (Song remix)

Last remix up! Done by Song. Song delves deep into dirt terrain, anchored by a unique creativity that recalls the glory days of underground hiphop. We can’t get you out! Our Überhaupt remix album will be up for free on Bandcamp soon. Stay tuned!

Reecho old desires Ft. Rhythmatic (Anarchitact remix)

This was a tough one. Anarchitact hooked us up with the first version of the remix. Dopeasdope but our hook wasn’t up the par. In fact all of a sudden we realised we are not very good singers. (Stadium/soccer/hooligan anthems will do!) So we got rid of the original chorus and asked Rhythmatic to drop […]

Wake up (Drexxdebeatfluisteraar Remix)

It took no less than a whisper to get this guy out of his mancave. Well actually it took several screams and numerous phonecalls to get it done but here it is. Fresh from the distracted mind of a lone wolf always searching for the next meal and then some. Dragged out of the comfortzone […]